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Bankers prepare for new year

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Statistics of holiday splash in volumes of contributions is conducted in big banks. employees of small banks simply not in a course, what period gives them a stream of investors. there are glad to any client at any time. but it is quite probable that for these banks holidays can turn back the real headache. people have property not only to report money for holidays, but also to remove them on celebratory purchases, for example on apartment purchase. as a result the sum of contributions can even decrease on all of 15 %. such data is resulted by the vice-president of "the first republican bank pavel ivanov. remove cash on purchase of gifts, tourist permits or is simple to give out money to members of a family. after all non-cash payment of purchases in russia often happens is connected with problems. apartment purchase still occurs "the cash" transferred not through the bank account, and through a cell. and by new year the volume of room transactions increases, and then for a long time, till the spring dies away. as a result banks lose large enough sums.

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