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That to us to wait from the theory of investments in the share market, real estate and telecommunications?

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Here it would be desirable to give an example with the market of the moscow real estate for 2011 - 2012 krimoved-lib.ru .. .

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Coming back to the theory of investments, it is necessary to underline that in economic systems small changes of external parametres or entry conditions can lead to sharp changes of character of behaviour of these systems. in such systems existence of set of values to which indicators of processes aspire under various entry conditions is not excluded. often structural changes caused by small shifts of parametres, lead to regular behaviour, time-dependent to limiting cycles. and the fluctuations of observable values inherent in the economic data, are rather various both on amplitude, and on distribution area, and on duration. therefore in the markets of the russian actions: the oil companies, real estate, telecommunications as on one of the most profitable markets in russia, we will see, how on the screen, reflexion of the theory of investments.

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