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Crm in banks: to invest or not?

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At system introduction it is necessary to estimate: what particularly the information will be necessary to bank and as it will be processed further, who will use it and in what purposes how to consolidate already available information and to eliminate its discrepancy, the crm-system will communicate with what other appendices also in what way. one of difficulties which waits the bank introducing the full-scale crm-decision, - its integration into already developed technology of work: after all divisions differently imagine that is particularly necessary for the client. as it was already specified, should be optimised also existing and-or new business processes are created, regulations and specifications are developed. thus on observance of regulations it is necessary to pay special attention as it allows: first, to observe the uniform business policy directed on achievement of the purpose, and to minimise expenses; secondly, not to lose clients with leaving from bank of the concrete manager (i.e. the principle works: "people leave - process and the data remain"). and it means that "correct" introduction of crm-system helps bank to lower operational risks and to raise cost of its business. as practice shows, to provide observance of regulations without serious inclusion of "an administrative resource" hardly probably. so, for example, according to pavel busygin, the vice-president on marketing, development and probusinessbank personnel selection - one of two (so long!) the russian banks in which there were serious introductions of crm-systems, - attempt to introduce crm-technology in this bank was undertaken twice. the first time - right after crisis of 1998 (and then it has choked because of resistance of managers on work with clients) and now. thus last attempt was a success only because the bank has changed model of work of managers, having entered it into administrative frameworks more rigidly and simply without having left it chances of resistance. the system of motivation and functions of managers have been changed: if earlier they had installation only on income maintenance now before them a task in view of working off of certain regulations (first of all to conduct records on all contacts), income occurrence should become a consequence of that. thus, in bank have firmly understood that that manager on sales which will casually bring from time to time certain money is necessary not, and that, the income of which activity can be predicted (and, accordingly, to estimate, whether in bank the quarter plan under incomes will be executed to have possibility to plan an account part of the budget). and it means that thanks to crm-system the bank has translated the activity in the field of work with clients from the art category in the technology category. considerable problems can cause and adjustment of full-scale crm-system. as a matter of fact, such system represents certain "designer" - ("box") the similar product cannot be basically. as business procedures, the organisation of storage of the information and system of the document circulation concerning work with clients, already used technical base and etc. at each bank the, and, most likely, without administrative consultation at introduction of crm-decisions it will not be possible to manage, and it increases expenses for introduction. and nevertheless, as shows the western experiment, introduction crm in bank profitable - effect is shown in reduction of costs at the expense of decrease in expenses for attraction of new clients and work with already available, increases of loyalty of clients and increase in their profitableness at the big time horizon. at the same time, if it is represented that expenses for expansion of full-scale crm-system for bank are excessive now, it is necessary to use recommendation gartner group: not to put the crm-system covering requirements of all divisions at once, and even, maybe, to get the products of different suppliers in the best way "ground" under specific targets (for marketing - from one supplier, for sales - another) and so gradually to approach to a complex solution of a problem of interaction with clients, "on road" debugging all business processes.

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