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Of inobanki in russia. how by it it is worked?

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Aspiring to expand the clientele in russia and to strengthen the positions here, foreign banks resort to various tactics. one of the most successful, according to observers, tactics of rajffajzenbanka is: for an operating time in russia the bank has managed to position accurately itself, to involve people not only quality of given services, but also the gravity and at selection of clients. unlike the majority of banks rajffajzenbank never seduced potential borrowers with stories that it for half an hour will give out them the consumer credit. here, as observers, in the price not speed, and very balanced control system of risks speak. as creates to bank image unsinkable, and provides to it loyalty from clients. in the russian practice it - not such a frequent case when people, once having used bank services, come here repeatedly, and in the third time. many banks break to themselves heads how to achieve such loyalty from the clientele, rajffajzenu while it is possible.

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