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As banks get to "the black list"

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With another, current similar actions are more strict the legislation forbids and threatens banks with reprisals in default banks to fulfil requirements of clients. probably, a way out could become adoption of law which would allow to reject to banks doubtful commissions of clients at the choice, first of all, when experts in financial monitoring (and similar managements or departments have already appeared in the majority of big banks) suspect something wrong. such decision was already offered by the vice-president of bank committee anatoly aksakov. as he said, the offer on investment of the credit organisations with the right without assigning any reasons to refuse to clients opening and conducting accounts is stated in the bill which now is on consideration in the central bank of the russian federation andhowever this initiative is discussed any more the first year and while as bankers admit, prospects of its approval in the state duma are represented unsteady. as, however, and elimination of the problem in case of acceptance of the corresponding law.

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