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yes. Wal-Mart Stores Pfizer AMEX, Deutsche Boerse, Euronext, Hong Kong Stock Exchange, LSE, NASDAQ NYSE.

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"not eligible to travel abroad" besides, "having broken" on the western markets operating pifs can make transactions with perspective actions of the russian enterprises which bargain only in a kind receipts, for example golden a telecoma, "evraza", former "pjaterochki", and nowadays x5 retail group. but if these companies well-known to managers also are studied by analysts with the western emitters it is more difficult. in the developed markets of emitters it is more, so, it is more than factors of external and corporate influence which are necessary for tracing that investments have appeared actually reliable. all it leads to considerable complication of managerial process by risks of funds natalia ionova finds minuses in opening of borders. however, and this problem it is possible to find the decision. so, on amex, nyse and nasdaq bargain etf (exchange-traded funds) an original basket of securities (more in detail about this tool in 48). purchase etf will allow to diversify risks,"to count"on the whole country or branch. besides purchase of the funds quoted at stock exchanges, reduces costs on management and risks.

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