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branch of collective investments one of most dynamically developing in russia. positive dynamics of indicators of activity of the market of pifs says that the development potential is still great enough, project manager has informedsolid management andrey fedorov. according to experts of "metropol", the appreciable increase in interest of private investors to pifs this year has occurred owing to two reasons. the first is an impressing growth of the russian securities market in 2010, growth of an index of rts has made about 80 % annual. the second is an absence of a real alternative way of reception of potentially high incomes the chief of client department uk" "farid junisov considers. as he said, last year investments into real estate could bring more powerful income only, but from private investors high initial capital investments in this case are required. but purchase of the share of an open pif is accessible to much. now an investment threshold for the introduction into share funds low enough that allows the wide range of people to put up the money in share funds specifies farid junisov. funds of many allow to invest means, since the small sums, andrey fedorov adds.

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