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The estimation of requirement for the bank credit for financing of operational expenditure in system of financial management of enterprise


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The information necessary for the decision of a problem of revealing of the fact of deficiency of money resources, its sizes, duration finds direct reflexion in the budget of movement of funds (). - the financial document representing in the systematised form on the set interval of time expected and actual values of receipts and leavings of money resources of the enterprise. shows look-ahead values of the rest of money resources for concrete date and signals about planned requirement for additional resources. the data used as the initial information inis generated by the target data of operational budgets. operational budgets represent estimates of planned and actual values of receipts and leavings of the money resources, grouped in a sign of fulfilment by the enterprise of operations of one type. concrete breakdown depends on specificity of the enterprise, as an example it is possible to offer the following typology: the budget of receipts and deductions (receipt from realisation in a cut of kinds of production, deduction in the form of a factor cost on those or other kinds of raw materials), the budget of payments of a salary, the budget of payments of tax deductions, the budget of providing expenses (deduction on constant expenses), the budget of financial activity, the budget of investment activity. the part of the information presented in operational budgets, has constant character, i.e. does not depend on business activity of the enterprise (constant expenses, a part of a salary, a part of tax payments). values of other articles directly depend on operations made by the enterprise. restriction of consideration of financial model of the enterprise at level of budgets is inexpedient since for the decision of problems to consider variants of mobilisation of money resources and to estimate efficiency of performance of operation it is necessary to have possibility of realisation of the imitating modelling, allowing to lose various variants of acceptance of administrative decisions about a choice of the variant which consequences of a choice will be optimum. the design procedure of requirement of the enterprise in the bank credit, constructed by a principle of possibility of maintenance of dialogue that will be, if? should consider features of formation of the operational budgets which maintenance depends on parametres of functioning of the enterprise, the registers of the internal administrative account fixed in system.

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