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ID# Organization Region Date Post Floor Age /
42 Krasnodar 03.10.2010 The cashier in bank Has no value 22 On rbl. interview
109 "Krasnodar" Krasnodar 11.10.2010 Legal adviser Has no value 26 15 rbl.
53 Shopping centre meridian Krasnodar 03.10.2010 Operating company Hotel female 25 8000 rbl.
39 Personnel agency Krasnodar 03.10.2010 The director for personnel Has no value 25 High (by results of interview) rbl.
82 Open company "the contract 2010" Krasnodar 04.10.2010 The operator of the personal computer on an extract of documents Hotel female 20 By results of interview depending on rbl.
126 Grand round Krasnodar 18.10.2010 The manager on tourism Has no value 20 Contractual rbl.
71 Open company Krasnodar 04.10.2010 The manager. warehouse Has no value 26 - 18000 rbl., - 22000 Rbl.
33 Open company "-" Krasnodar 02.10.2010 Bookkeeper Has no value 25 From 9.000 rbl.
63 Territorial administration rosimushchestva Krasnodar 04.10.2010 The chief specialist of department of legal maintenance Has no value 30 - rbl.
96 Southern trading company Krasnodar 06.10.2010 The operator in department of certification Hotel female 22 7500 rbl.
41 Krasnodar 03.10.2010 The operating director for development of business Has no value 28 On rbl. interview
208 Cyril Krasnodar 05.12.2010 Podrabotka for students and schoolboys Has no value 18 Rbl.
35 Open company " " Krasnodar 02.10.2010 The manager on marketing and advertising Has no value 23 Rbl.
68 "" Krasnodar 04.10.2010 Chief accountant Hotel female 27 800$ 1000$ Rbl.
89 Open company "-" Krasnodar 05.10.2010 Bookkeeper Hotel female 25 Rbl.

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