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The small insurance companies conclude contracts with the investment companies, and large insurers began to create or buy management companies (or the financial structure is created within the limits of financial holding). for example, the or related investment management companies are at "" ("the alliance of rosno management of actives"), "reso-guarantees" ("amk finans"), "the insurance renaissance" (open company) "renins finans", "sogaz" ( "leader"), "alpha insurance" ("alpha capital") etc. the transaction on acquisition by "ingosstrahom" of a management company of "pifagor" two weeks ago has been finished. as it is declared on a company site, "the key moments at acceptance by a management of the insurer of the decision on creation the emerging market, growth of actives and successful experience of investment became own dynamically. in 2010" "has received the investment income at a rate of 2,5 roubles. this portfolio with observance of specifications for the insurance companies and internal regulations on management of risks, liquidity has been, etc. placed in various tools of stock market and deposits. and the share highly tools (actions) did not exceed 10 % from a total sum of investments. average profitableness on an investment portfolio has made more than 12 % taking into account placings in banks on which it is necessary about 70 %".

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