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Can consider as a vivid example most of this kind rajffajzenbank who has a little unexpectedly given such possibility for the clients. however, interest rates under these contributions did not maintain any competition in the market. an explanation to this phenomenon idle time - the bank realised the grocery ruler developed by its austrian "mother", is simple to give to the clients a full spectrum of services. to the full realised the advantage of the pioneer of the russian market. "foreigners" who have followed it had to play by rules of the competitive market. as a result the interest rate, for example, in bank societe general vostok reaches 9 % (under rouble contributions, for the sum above 1,5 million roubles and for three years). deposits in foreign banks even under the underestimated rates are in demand for the population, though also small. according to agency on insurance of contributions, in the beginning of year in "daughters" of foreign banks was an order 154 roubles (4,1 % of all private contributions). bankers explain behaviour of such investors their confidence that the foreign bank is more reliable, than domestic. there is an opinion that foreign parent banks in case of need will support russian "daughters" own money. however, according to the director of department of exchequer of kmb-bank dmitry matveeva, financial independence of the head company is essential advantage of activity of any financial institution. at the correct price policy the interest rate under client contributions is not less favourable, than use of means of the head company. besides, attraction of means of clients is a diversification of passives of bank, and opening of deposits is an additional service for clients of bank which enjoys wide popularity- he speaks.

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