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However, some bank experts advise not to take themselves for a ride a question, in what currency to place means, and to prefer multiple currency deposits ("" 34). they give the chance to operate the savings operatively: advantage before the usual contribution possibility to "throw" money from the account in one currency into the account in another. as a result the client manages to minimise the losses connected with change of rates of exchange. however here there is a nuance: to change a parity of a rouble and currency part of the deposit through the internet-banking it will not be possible: "" it was not possible to find any credit organisation offering multiple currency contributions and simultaneously having which allows to make conversion operations. for term more than a year we recommend to place the deposit where 50 % of means are necessary on roubles and half more is divided: 40 % in euro, 60 % in dollars, are told by the chief of analytical centre promsvjazbanka maria subbotin. it is desirable, that the parity of euro and dollars in the contribution corresponded to structure central bank baskets.

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